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14/11/2018 [New] Instagram Now Supported - Videos
03/05/2018 [FIXED] Viu Viu Hong Kong links not working.
01/10/2017 [NEW] TV Naver Now Supported
16/09/2017 [NEW] Kcon TV Now Supported
15/09/2017 [FIXED] Viki Download links not working
25/06/2017 [FIXED] Youtube Subtitles not available. Now You can download Youtube videos!!
06/12/2016 [FIXED] VLive Links not working. Now You can download VLive videos!!
22/11/2016 [ERROR] OnDemandKorea Links not working
18/11/2016 [FIXED] Viki Video download links not working
20/09/2016 [New] Vimeo Now Supported
20/09/2016 [New] Dailymotion Now Supported
14/09/2016 [New] OnDemandKorea Now Supported
14/09/2016 [New] Facebook Now Supported. Videos and subtitles
12/09/2016 [New] VLive Now Supported
09/09/2016 [New] Viki Now Supported
09/09/2016 [New] TED Now Supported
09/09/2016 [New] Youtube Now Supported
09/09/2016 [New] Viu Now Supported: Hong Kong and Singapore only.
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LilSubs Subtitle Downloader is a free web application that allows you to download subtitles and/or Videos from sites like YouTube, Viki, Instagram and more. All you need is the URL of the page that has the subtitle you want to download. Enter it in the textbox above and simply click 'Download'. LilSubs will then fetch download links in all possible languages that the particular site provides.